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Can Chocolate be a Healthy Snack?

Can Chocolate be a Healthy Snack?

Amy's Chocolate, What makes us different?

Please welcome our guest blogger Amy and Mike Bohn.   Amy and Mike are owners of Amy's Chocolates. Amy Chocolates specializes in making a high antioxidant, nutrient rich chocolate, preserving the powerful antioxidants natural to the cacao fruit.
Knowing the difference is half the battle.
Candy chocolate is just that, candy.  We all know it is not good for your body.   And as the research continues to flow about the benefits of dark chocolate, people continue to also be misinformed.  The vast majority of dark chocolate, sold at stores, is infused with unhealthy ingredients that counter the clear benefits of pure dark chocolate.  
What makes Amy's Chocolates different?
Amy's delicious chocolate begins the same way as all chocolate.  It comes from the Cacao Tree.  The cacao tree has cacao fruit called cacao pods.  What happens next makes all the difference.  Amy's gourmet chocolate is hers from the beginning.  The vast majority of chocolatiers buy their base chocolate from someone else (i.e. belgian chocolate), melt it down and add things to create their final product.  Amy isn't melting down anyone else's chocolate.  She makes it from the beginning, knowing every ingredient that goes into it, from start to finish. 
What makes Amy's Chocolate Healthy?
Amy's chocolate is created by making a high antioxidant, nutrient rich chocolate, preserving the powerful antioxidants natural to the cacao fruit.  (The vast majority of chocolate, found at a store, is made in a manner that typically removes most of the naturally powerful health properties of the cacao).  Amy's chocolate is estimated at 8X that of traditional dark chocolate.  Using all natural ingredients, making this super food truly healthy, beneficial, and delicious!  Our chocolates are high antioxidant, using fair trade cacao powder from Ecuador.  It is raw, organic, cold-pressed, and unprocessed.  This preserves the most powerful antioxidant in the world (the cacao fruit).  Amy's chocolate (unlike the standard dark chocolate found in US stores) then becomes an unprocessed, super healthy power food within power foods. 
Commitment to making chocolate the right way.
Amy insists on making chocolate that always maintains 'food integrity'.  Our chocolate is all naturally sweetened with berries and other pure and natural sweeteners.  Our chocolate is all real food-nothing artificial.  Infusing superfoods (like virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed organic coconut oil) adds extra health benefits.  We never add any preservatives, fillers, refined sugars, and waxes.  This makes our chocolate something nearly everyone can eat.  Amy's gift is making healthy chocolate actually taste fantastic, which is hard to do, yet, every unique recipe (from her bars, to truffles, and numerous specialty gourmet items) are delicious and there is something to love for everyone.  
Every recipe is made from scratch, originated by Amy, with this highest level of 'food integrity'.   Everything Amy's Chocolate offers is dairy free, soy free, gluten free, and guilt free!
Amy and Mike Bohn are excited to offer Amy's Chocolates through ROCK Farmers Market.
Amy's Chocolate can be found at ROCK or through there website here.  Also, visit Amy's Chocolates Facebook page here.

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