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You may have heard people talk about “Colloidal Silver”, some call it “Silver Water” and some call it “Silver Hydrosol”.

By definition a colloid is: “a homogeneous, non-crystalline substance consisting of large molecules or ultra-microscopic particles of one substance dispersed through a second substance.” In the case of Colloidal Silver, usually the colloid is nanometer-sized particles of pure silver suspended in pure distilled water or gel.

What’s it for?

What’s it do?

What’s so great about it?

Why have you heard it whispered in small circles but rarely shouted from the roof-tops?

Why do the FDA and mainstream medical folks love to hate it? Let’s work up to that and you’ll see.

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Let’s start with a brief history. The Greeks and the Romans used silver containers to store perishable liquids. For many centuries royal families ate, drank, or ate with silver utensils, goblets, plates and trays. Their water and milk was transported in silver vessels. Overall, they were rarely sick. Before refrigerators it was common for wealthy people to drop a silver coin in their milk and water to keep bacteria from developing. Hippocrates wrote, as early as 400 BC, about using silver for dressings in wound care to speed the skin cell recovery.

In the 1800s, it was discovered that silver worked great for eye infections.

In the mid-1800s, it was discovered that silver was great for surgical tools and devices.

By the late 1800s, it was discovered that silver was lethal to most common bacteria.

In the early 1900s, it was injected, drank, and mixed in various ways to treat numerous diseases and conditions, but a good way to suspend it had not yet been devised. As soon as that was discovered, Colloidal Silver Water (CSW) and gels became the primary antibiotic used by many doctors up until about 1940.

The early 1900s also brought about antibiotics like Penicillin. These targeted antibiotics appeared to work faster and do a better job, especially in infections that were already underway. And there was more profit to be made by requiring them to be prescribed and distributed by pharmacies.

By the 1940s big pharma and the FDA began labeling CSW an “alternative medicine” and promoting more expensive and more direct antibiotics. CSW was even banned for a while in the USA. Now it is labeled as homeopathic and sold in health-food stores, co-ops, and on the Internet, with its’ marketers not allowed to claim its’ effectiveness as an antibiotic for bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

But some important facts have been ignored along the way.

Extensive studies have been conducted on silver, but have been ignored by the “big boys”. Millions of dollars’ worth of silver catheters, surgical tools, surgical devices, dressings for burns and wounds are sold by hospitals and pharmacies each year.

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi cannot develop a resistance to silver. There is more test data on CSW than on practically any other pharmaceutical drug in use, only the data has been suppressed by big pharma and the FDA. A recent emergence of use of CSW has produced many more new testimonies and reams of new data.

Here’s how CSW works:

Silver ions bind to cell walls and are then absorbed into the single-cell bacteria, virus, or fungus wherein they interfere with cellular energy production and kill the organism. The fermentation system of energy production used by these single cell organisms is different than the aerobic energy producing system of human cells, which are not so affected by silver.  This means silver is not toxic to living human cells. 

A leading authority on the use of medicinal silver (A.B.G. Lansdown, PHF, FRCPath, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, and Imperial College - London, UK) stated after reviewing all available silver literature of the past 200 years, “Metallic silver and silver compounds are used widely in medical devices and health care products to provide antibacterial and antifungal action. Experience has shown that they are generally safe in use and effective in controlling pathogenic organisms.”

But the public is fed the line that silver is not a necessary mineral to humans, does nothing for humans, and will turn your skin blue or gray.

This condition, known as “Argyria” has less than a few hundred documented cases. All those cases were from excessive use of improperly made colloidal silver water. In all cases, more than one cup daily of improperly made CSW was consumed over several years.

This “scare-tactic” has worked to keep many people from trying CSW, for lack of the surrounding facts. The facts are: 1) you shouldn’t consume more than your body can eliminate, and 2) you shouldn’t make CSW yourself using unproven technology.

One of the issues with using CSW is that it is vague how much to use for what conditions.

Modern research suggests that most pathogenic organisms are killed in the test tube at concentrations of 10 to 40 PPM (parts per million) of CSW over a period of six or so hours.

How that equates to any particular bug and the human dosage is more difficult to calculate, if not impossible.

Typically the recommended government dosage is 5 mL (1 teaspoon) of CSW (10 PPM) several times a day, per 25 pounds of body weight during the onset of any given infection.

To calculate this easily, divide your body weight by 25. If you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 6. So the result 6 would be multiplied by 5 mL (1 teaspoon) to equal 30 mL (6 teaspoons) a day. (150 / 25 = 6 and 6 * 5 = 30)

Most CSW produce their product in the range of 10 to 50 PPM.

Many CSW manufacturers believe that the government recommended dosage at 10 PPM is ineffectively low and perhaps by design, determined by feedback from users. Higher concentrations, when used short term, appear to be perfectly safe.

The Russian MIR Orbital Station and the International Space Station use colloidal silver in the water supply at 18 PPM to keep it disinfected.

The World Health Organization uses colloidal silver and silver in water filters to disinfect water in developing world countries. Hospitals use copper and silver tubing to eliminate mega-viruses in the transport of fluids.

Due to government regulations, colloidal silver manufacturers can’t claim it cures anything, but we can tell you what our customers tell us, and we can tell you that there is more than ample evidence and testimonies to secure good peace-of-mind that colloidal silver water should be a part of everyone’s medicine cabinet, first aid kits, and bug-out-bags without second thoughts or concerns.

Wintek SW, Inc. has been providing Colloidal Silver Water to ROCK Farmers Market for some time now. It is manufactured by the same safe processes and at the same level of silver ions that is used on the International Space Station.

In our five years of service we have had many testimonies of success on people, pets, and even farm animals. My family has used it for as long.

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