Meet Amanda our North Fort Worth Host

Amy Gonzalez, a leader of ROCK and owner of The Holistic Dietitian go to spend time with Amanda.  Interesting fact is that Amy used to be a co-host with Amanda for the North Fort Worth drop.  

Amanda has been with ROCK since a few months after it started!
We also have to give her superstar husband, Jonny, much credit for running the North Fort Worth drop. Jonny is the one to pickup the orders at the Hurst office and sometimes runs the drop for Amanda if she’s working or with the kids. {{So thank you Jonny!}}
Amanda and Jonny have two adorable little boys, ages 7 and 2. If you pickup at North Fort Worth, then you’ll most likely know these kiddos because they’re outside playing with your own kids or with the neighborhood kids.
Something you may not know about Amanda is that she is an amazing photographer! She co-owns NHance Photography and Birth Unscripted. Amanda has a heart of gold and will make you feel at ease around her - something that is a great quality to have as a photographer!

Please help me in thanking Amanda for being an incredible host and bringing ROCK to families in the North Fort Worth, Saginaw, Haslet, and Lake Worth area!

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