Meet Andrea! Your Mansfield Host


Amy Gonzalez, a ROCK Leader and owner of The Holistic Dietitian is excited to introduce you to Andrea our Mansfield Host.

ROCK Farmers Market and Mansfield

Andrea has been a ROCKer since the last Mansfield pickup location was open few years back. It’s hard not to get a smile on your face when you’re around her. She radiates a gentleness and joyfulness.

If you come out to their pickup, you may also meet her husband, who steps in to help hand out goodies and you may also be greeted by her adorable little boy, who is 20 months old.

A cool little fact about Andrea is that her and her hubby are originally from Seattle, then lived in New York for a bit, and then migrated to the great state of Texas!

Her entrance in the REAL food movement began after she read Fast Food Nation, the Omnivore’s Dilemma and a few other Michael Pollan books. When living in New York, they shopped at greenmarket, which is their fancy term for farmers markets. Then once they landed in Texas, got plugged in to a local CSA before finding ROCK!

Andrea has a such a serving heart; it’s hard to find such a gem and we are truly honored to have her as a part of the team at ROCK.

Please help us in thanking Andrea for helping us bring the #realfoodmovement to the Mansfield/South Arlington/South Grand Prairie/Midlothian/Waxahachie area!

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