“Pass the GMO Cheerios, Please”

Back when whole wheat was hip, and we were still spraying butter on it, there wasn’t a whole lot of cause for concern when it came to ingesting things that our bodies don’t recognize.

Sure, there were plenty of bugle-blowers when it comes to warning “naive” eaters about the potential hazards of GMOs and pesticides. Aka the “adult version of playing with your food”.

The argument has been that we utilized this new way of growing our food because it would produce higher yields so we would be able to feed more people.

Our need to build things better in our country is usually a good thing, but this time it came as a terrible cost to our health and our soil in one fell swoop. Not only does growing mass crops affect the actual health and makeup of the plant, but it also affects the farmer.

Now, we are faced with less nutrient-dense foods, poor soil health, and environmental repairs to be made. Now, it’s more of a question of: do we really need to be growing so much wheat?

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