ROCK Q + A: "Why does my chicken weigh less this time?"

Nothing is ever perfect, and that includes eating locally.

We used to have this quaint idea about sustainable farming, the food that it provides us, and how it really works. It also doesn't help that having been a frequent super market shopper for so many years also trained us to look for perfection in our produce and other purchases. 

But one thing to keep in mind is this: a vast majority of what you can get in the store is controlled by a human hand (and chemicals) from the time it breaks soil or is weaned from it's mother. Our farmers plan out their harvest, or raise their animals according to appropriate guidelines, but let nature do the rest, as it was originally intended. 

The chicken that we provide our buyer club members all comes from Windy Meadows Farm, and this is largely in part of the holistic way they raise their birds. Instead of keeping their birds cooped up (pun intended), they let them roam the land while being kept safe within bottomless pens called "yurts". 

This protects the birds from predators, but also makes it easy to rotate where they have been feeding. But not every rotation is perfect, and some days their birds might forage less because there is less to be had (insects, plant refuse, etc.). Keep in mind, chickens are omnivorous and will eat just about anything. 

Every day, the Windy Meadows family move their "yurts" to new foraging locations so their birds can have a fresh "scratching" area. Not only does this support the health of their birds, but also the health of the soil as well. 

This an older method, and leaves the end product in the hands of mother nature. Raising pastured poultry can be a real effort, but in the end the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Pasture-raised chicken is rich in nutrients that we need desperately on stressful days, like B vitamins and Omega-3 fats. 

Got questions? 

Perfect, we'll take them! We are now featuring club member questions on our blog here, and our website. 

Drop us a line, we would love to hear them!

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