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The Dirt on Soil

The Dirt on Soil

Did you know that beneath your feet, at any given time, there is millions upon millions of bacteria? Our soil used to be able to support a much greater biodiversity than it does now here in the United States, and part of that is due largely in part to poor crop turnover, as well as growing crops that offer very little benefit to us as humans (such as modern-day wheat).

When soil is healthy, it not only supports us by providing good, nutritious food, but it also supports ‘soil clean-up’ by encouraging the presence of all insect life. Such as earthworms, which help maintain soil quality by breaking down toxicity in the earth.

Much of the arable land here in the states is being used for really only three crops:

Corn, wheat, and soy.

When we look at the reasons why we are growing so much of this stuff, such as providing large scale feeding operations the feed they need, we have to wonder when this imbalance is going to break the bank.

The truth is, it already has.

The root vegetables, the greens, and fruits that are grown here in America have dropped significantly in their nutrient-density. This includes some of the vital vitamins and minerals that they originally were popular for, like kale, which has been touted for its high content of Vitamin C and K.

What can be done to stop this?

It’s all about ‘voting with your fork’.

One of the reasons why we get so fired up about supporting our local farmers is because we know, at the end of the day, every ounce of support given to them is one more step in the right direction. Every time you decide to buy your bacon or greens locally, you are saving our food future.

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