Unrefined Bakery - ROCK Holiday Edition


By: Christi Flaherty


Before I go any further ... let me just say ...

If you have already ordered ... prepare to add another order after reading this.

This weekend I went to the Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo. Though I can eat gluten-free, I prefer to eat grain free. I tried most of the offerings half-heartedly.

I did go in knowing, however that Unrefined Bakery was going to be there.

I saved them as one of my last visits and planned to hang out there for a bit and sample some of their baked goods since I haven’t tried many through ROCK.

Dang!! I was impressed!

Anne and Taylor are mother/daughter team who happen to not only have Celiac disease but other food allergies as well.

They opened Unrefined Bakery to cater to those who, like them, had multiple food in intolerance's and wanted to have the same convenience of buying baked goods versus having to make them.

Any of you that have been eating this way for awhile know that ... back in the day, gluten free foods, much less grain free foods were at best edible.

(But really, isn’t paper edible??)

Unrefined takes it to a whole new level.

They have not only gluten-free items, they also have Vegan, Paleo and Keto options.

While they do have several bakery locations, we are so lucky to be able to buy many of their products through ROCK at reduced prices and many Holiday items are available for a Limited Time.

You already know how good their breads and baked goods are, so I will just cover the Holiday items.

Let me just start with the dressing…a must have!  Unrefined Bakery Dressing is available in traditional, vegan, and grain-free (keto).

Now that you’ve gotten the turkey’s sidekick out of the way...

Let’s go for the curtain call – PIES!

I was truly blown away by how rich and delicious egg-free and dairy-free pies could be.


Seriously…Do these pies look like inferior, sad, alternative diet pies??

No, they don’t.

Because I’m here to tell you they are as good or better than their gluten-, and corn syrup-filled counterparts.

While there are lots of choices, all gluten-free and many having Paleo or Vegan options, too.

I will start with my favorite first  (Disclaimer: I’m not a huge chocolate fan!)


This Paleo Dark Chocolate Silk Pie was the BOMB! It was rich and I asked Anne twice if it was truly Paleo because I did not believe it!

Yes. Pecan Pie without corn syrup and still all the richness.

I seriously couldn’t do more than two (ok, three) bites of this, but I would sure want to because it is truly delicious with all the buttery goodness without any dairy.

Again, I questioned Anne on this because I was truly amazed at how great it tasted.


My bestie, Rebecca, serves Derby pie to pay homage to her Kentucky roots every Thanksgiving.

So ... I just had to try this one and I’m so glad I did.

It was everything you want in this pie.

Chocolate-y, sweet-salty, nutty, bourbon-y (yes the real stuff!) and it was totally safe for me to eat!


Here’s the truth. I don’t like pumpkin pie.

I didn’t try it but my pumpkin pie loving husband did (Paleo version) and he commented to both Anne and me...

again later in the car ...

about the fact that it was the perfect amount of sweetness without being overly sweet.

All the better to top with freshly whipped cream sweetened with a little honey!

Seriously choosing one of these pies is like choosing your favorite child!

So, just order one of each and the only choice you have to make is if you want to do Paleo, Vegan or Regular (FYI, if there is no designation, it is gluten-free).

If you haven’t been clicking back and forth and ordering while reading, go now and order before these items are gone!

Remember, there is only one meet up between now and Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Christi Flaherty is a private chef and creator of Tablavie, a website dedicated to a lifestyle of eating real food and living simply. Visit Tablavie.com and sign up in the box on the right that says “email address” and click subscribe button.

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