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Rinse it Real Good: Proper Produce Care for the Summer

Rinse it Real Good: Proper Produce Care for the Summer

The sweltering heat is back here in Texas, and soon it will be to the point where you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. We turn towards the cooler foods, the salads, the raw foods...anything to find relief from the heat. 

Here at ROCK, we try and provide the best we can from our growers, from spinach to okra. But the warmer months can make it a real challenge to keep your fresh goodness looking perky and alive. There are a couple of things you can do to preserve the crispness of your veggies: 

Cleaning Your Veggies. 

Ever tried to spread raw almond butter on a piece of floppy celery? Not going to happen, right? Celery, celeriac, fennel, and similar veggies are not compatible with a "water bath" right out of the grocery bag. They are already packed with water, so these need to be stored in a dry area in the fridge. 

 If you picked up your produce order this week, here are some suggestions for care and upkeep of your veggies once they're home: 


You can wash your broccoli, but make sure it is dried thoroughly before you place in the fridge. Then place in the fridge in a perforated bag. 

Green Romaine

This will be the tricky one, considering everything is melting outside. If you do not have any little roots still attached to your romaine heads, just wash thoroughly, and let dry. We find it's best to let them drip-dry for a little while (if left whole). 

Green Tomatoes

Tomatoes are fairly simple, just be sure not to put them in the fridge right away! Just quickly rinse, let dry, and set out for about a week in a cooler area of the kitchen (anything under 69 degrees is fine). 

Orange Carrots

Give your carrots a good scrub, twist off the tops, and let thoroughly dry before placing in the fridge. You don't have to toss those carrot tops! Check out Salty Pig Sausage Co.'s take on re-purposing carrot greens here. 

Red/ Yukon Potatoes

Just give them a good scrub with an old toothbrush to knock any loose dirt free, a quick wash, and a thorough dry with a dish towel. If they are baby potatoes, you will want to refrigerate them. Be sure and keep them in a cool, dark area, preferably a pantry to keep them from sprouting. 


Always give these lovely leaves a good soak in an ice bath. The water is best cold due to the delicacy of the Spinach leaves. 

Yellow Squash

After a good rinse, and you have dried your squash thoroughly (be sure to let air-dry, because not even towels can absorb all the moisture and squash can be susceptible to growing mold in the fridge. 


Storm Farms berries are just incredible, the last thing we want to do is lose them to mold! After you rinse all your berries, make sure that you let thoroughly air-dry. If all rooms in the house are sweltering, just be sure to dry with some paper towels. 

Keeping Produce Fresh. 

Remember, with every time that you take out produce, especially greens, the temperature will fluctuate. Leaving wilty, sad looking greens and other veggies. 

Try and keep the fridge environment as dry as possible. If you have the space, placing lettuce and other greens, such as spinach, in small bell jars with water will help to keep fresh (plus it gives your fridge some pizazz).  

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