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Farm Fresh foods

ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club is made up of people just like you in the DFW and surrounding areas. Our Buyers Club is a community of people, helping feed families in our community.

We love our chickens

ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club works closely with local farmers to build an economy where real people care for the land and resources that reflect the true value to real people like you.

We support the pursuit of local, sustainable, ecologically sound farming and ranching, communities, and economies.

Members of ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club have access to the best in local and regional foods.  Further, members can gain exclusive access to hundreds of additional items through the club's relationship with various distributors, covering a range of everyday items including cooking oils, laundry detergents, spices, nut butters, vinegars, and numerous other household and kitchen supplies.

Beautiful cranberries!