Buyers Club Terms & Conditions



In consideration for membership to ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club (hereinafter “ROCK ”), a Private Membership Organization I agree to the following terms and conditions.

ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club is a private membership association that seeks to connect people to local farmers across the region.

ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club is not a business, not open to the public, and does not resell products. ROCK members own all products and items as soon as they are released by the producer, distributor, or source.


1.  The mission of ROCK is to provide ROCK members with local, clean, organic, and wholesome foods from local farmers and suppliers.

2.  ROCK members are encouraged to take part in various club activities and service opportunities, such as farm visits, pool parties, annual club cleanings, Facebook groups, and more. 

3.  ROCK provides it's members two types of Memberships.  1. FREE General Membership and 2. VIP Membership at the cost of $50.00 per year from the date of purchase.

4.  ROCK member agrees to help cover the cost of all group purchases by funding the ROCK account through electronic deposits. 

5.  ROCK member agrees that funds for all orders must be deposited into the ROCK account at the time the order request is made. 

6.  ROCK members understand that ROCK does not sell things, ROCK Farmers Market, L.L.C. orders things for ROCK members using ROCK members money.

7.  ROCK members are required to pick up items of a perishable nature the week they arrive at the designated ROCK Meet Up site.  ROCK members are fiscally responsible for ALL items they order. 


8.  ROCK members voluntarily releases, forever discharges, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club and ROCK Farmers Market, L.L.C. and any individual in ROCK or ROCK Farmers Market, L.L.C. from any and all claims for damages to ROCK member, ROCK member's person, or ROCK member's property.

9. ROCK member understands s/he has waived his/her right to maintain a lawsuit against ROCK or ROCK Farmers Market, L.L.C. and any individual in connection with ROCK and ROCK Farmers Market, L.L.C.

10.  ROCK Member understands and intends that this assumption of  risk, waiver, and release be binding upon the ROCK member's heirs, executors, and administrators and assigns and includes any and all children.

11. The Trustee(s) BJ Vercontaire, Andrew Gonzalez, and Amy Gonzalez and its Members have chosen ROCK Farmers Market, L.L.C. d/b/a ROCK Farmers Market Services to perform administrative activities for the ROCK and to select ROCK members to volunteer in assisting them in carrying out any and all services needed.


12.  All administrative, ordering, record-keeping, and other organizational services for ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club are handled by ROCK Farmers Market, L.L.C. and those whom ROCK Farmers Market, L.L.C. partners with to provide any needed services to the ROCK members.

13.  ROCK member acknowledges s/he has had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document and has read and understood it, and s/he agrees to be bound by its terms.

14.  The Terms and Conditions document of ROCK consists of the entire agreement for my membership into ROCK and supersedes any previous agreement.

15.  I understand that the Trustee(s) may revise and/or update ROCK Membership Agreement at anytime without notice of changes.

16. ROCK and ROCK Farmers Market, L.L.C. reserve the right to terminate and may terminate the membership of any ROCK member at anytime for any reason.  Most likely, this would be for the failure to abide by this agreement or by the goals and policies of ROCK.

17. KEYWORD: onlyoneROCK

18.  By applying for membership to ROCK, I do hereby certify that I am of clear mind and conscience and declare under the penalties of perjury that I have carefully read the above and foregoing ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club Membership Agreement.  I hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions stated herein.   

If you have any questions, please contact us at

With appreciation,

The ROCK Family