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Buon Giorno Coffee

Buon Giorno


Buon Giorno Coffee
Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee Buon Giorno Coffee

Buon Giorno


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Antigua (Guatemalan) 12 oz:  Distinct aromas, reminiscent of spicy cacao, give way to a delicate buttery brown sugar taste and mysteriously smoky finish.

Espresso Primavera 12 oz: A new profile Italian style espresso bringing 3 single origin coffees from South America and Africa to Buon Giorno.  This full bodied blend is produced entirely from Direct Trade beans and gives a hint of apricot to a melange of cocoa and smooth thick crema.  Ideal for home espresso, but also delicious as a rich French Press brew.
Konga Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia) 12 oz:
Yirgacheffe offers a cultivated cup, that initiates with juicy Meyer lemon & jasmine high notes, before moving into a smooth sweetness like molasses.
Watuha AA (Kenya) 12 oz: The small Watuha cooperative have an emphasis on preserving biodiversity and retaining good shade for coffee cultivation.  Aromas of Raspberry jam and Blackcurrant give way to a mixed fruit flavor hinting at plum wine, raspberry, currant and pomegranate.
Decaf Peru - Swiss Water 12 oz:

Swiss Water is one of the few wholly natural decaffeination methods; revealing a mild, slightly fruity, butterscotch laden decaf alternative.      

Strong Tower (El Salvador) 12 oz: A high grown coffee grown under a natural shade canopy.  The farm supports a resident children's home as part of their contribution to the community.  The coffee is an excellent smooth Central with hints of chocolate, a caramel sweetness and smooth satisfying aftertaste.  Strong Tower Children's Home

Costa Rica Willow 12 oz: This darkly roasted bean is quite the conundrum of unique qualities: raisin aromas, buttery undertones, & a touch of walnut.  And yet, a favorite!

Altura (Mexican) 12 oz: True to form, this high-grown organic Mexican variety glories in semisweet chocolate overtones accented by honey dew melon.

Casa Nostra Blend 12 oz: A surprisingly diverse flavor profile (for a breakfast blend) that exudes toasted nut aromas, milk chocolate subtleties, and a balanced inviting sweetness.

Bob-O-Link Fortaleza 12 oz: Bob-O-Link is a bird that migrates from the US to Northern Brazil in the Winter and the name was chosen by a family who developed the farm from where this excellent coffee derives.  The coffee is a wonderful tasting Brazil flavored with chocolate and nut, enhanced by a hint of gentle acidity.  It is produced by a group of families who have a focus on sustainable and organic farming.  History of Bob-O-Link Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling 12 oz:  Boasting pungent herbal aromas and a full, syrupy mouthfeel the flavor itself is heavy with earthy cocoa notes.
Hutwe Bukununu 12 oz (Congo): From the Kawa Kabuya Cooperative, this unusually sweet tasting coffee is our first from the Congo.  Aromas of sweet cocoa, raisin and a hint of lemon.  The flavor has an unusual sweetness mainly hinting at vanilla, praline, chocolate and sugar cookie