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The Kombucha Tap

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The Kombucha Tap
The Kombucha Tap The Kombucha Tap

ROCK Farmers Market


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32 oz
We are limited to 100 bottles every ordering period.  Get yours before there gone!

Greetings Kombucha Lovers!

I have been brewing small batch Kombucha tea going on four years, starting with my own health journey.

I use a blend of pesticide free black tea, pure cane sugar and purified water. Each flavor consists of 100% juice (no fructose, high fructose, stevia, sweeteners added) and will be labeled organic if the source has obtained an organic license.

Every ingredient has been vetted for quality. When ginger is noted, it will be fresh cut. I do not filter my Kombucha, so you will notice sediment. Swirl that around and wash it down as it is juice, vitamins and culture!

We are a family of seven, ranging from toddler to college, and my ingredient philosophy is based on our family’s high standard.

ROCK has brought light to the subject of sourcing: it is better to know the source then to trust a label. That touches on so many things in life!

If you want to support local, check out Pristine Water in Watauga, my water source. I have been using them from the beginning. Tell them I said hello!

I have read many testimonies of how Kombucha has made a difference in other people’s journeys. Each person is different so I recommend that you research if Kombucha is right for your journey.


The Kombucha Tap

Mojito Kombucha:  An all time ROCK favorite!  A delicious blend of kombucha tea with key lime and mint. Best when consumed out of a wine glass, on the back porch, with your footsies in the water.
Apple Kombucha:  Applicious!  Organic honey crisp apple is lean, sweet and refreshing to the buds.  Your kiddo won't give you the stink eye anymore when they have a taste of this!  
Grape Kombucha:  Not sure why grape pop brings back a flood of childhood memories, but this might do the same!  Organic Concord grape with fresh cut ginger tickles the palate!  For you old school ROCKers....this is Fion Dearc.
Blueberry Pomegrante Kombucha:  NEW!  This is a juicy explosion of organic black mulberry and cranberry!  Both are rich in anti-oxidants and omega-6 fatty acids.
Sunshine:  Kombucha tea with organic tangerine, pineapple and fresh ginger
The Force:  Kombucha tea with an organic blend of pomegranate, tart cherry, black mulberry, grape, carrot, cranberry and blueberry
Strawberry:  Kombucha tea with organic fresh strawberries
Mangolicioius:  Organic Mango and Fresh Ginger
Super Antioxidant Kombucha:  Organic pomegranate juice, organic tart cherry juice, organic black mulberry juice, organic red grape juice, organic carrot juice, organic cranberry juice, and organic blueberry juice.
Melon Mint: Organic melon, organic lettuce, organic apple, organic mint